13 minutes ago

Fun day on the beach! Can’t wait to see these babes kill it tomorrow at #psoafterdark 💕 • Go grab one (or five) cute new bikini’s from @haute_swimwear !! They are so comfy & cute! — So glad to finally be rocking it out here in LA on the beachhhh! 🌴☀️ — get 15% off with my code glory15 at checkout! —> (link in bio!!) • •

16 minutes ago

So I have been a bit quiet the past few days huh? This can really spin people out. I read a lot of comments and posts from people stating things like “if a #socialmediamanager isn’t even posting on their own page every day why would I trust them to run my account?” It’s an interesting concept... . Here is a perfect example of why that is; the past few days I have been very busy with my clients. I have landed a new, very big client with whom I have had a lot of phone meetings and working on a large scale strategy plan for them. I have also been in and out of the studio, working with my other Socials clients, and delivering a lot of PR & VA work on behalf of clients. All of that has taken up al great deal of hours and my creative juices! So the down time I have had I have used to unplug and be present away from my computer and phone. . We have to live consciously! There is no point posting on socials just for the sake of it; I take a 90/10 approach - 90% VALUE / 10% sell. It makes everything I deliver much more authentic and interesting. It’s much more engaging for followers - and this includes my approach to your business! . In other news it’s time to buy a #bike - does anyone have a brand they recommend? 🤔 Have a beautiful weekend peeps - I hope this rain on the #goldcoast blows away nice and quickly! 🙏🏼🖤 . 😍📸 @cityofgoldcoast @snappedbysoph