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1 hour ago

Semangat Zaidan buat belajar berdiri. MasyaAllah tabarokallah 😘🙏😇 . . #16monthold

7 hours ago

Still rocking those autumnal vibes 🍂 🦊

1 day ago

Oh the Joy of Boys💙 I was casually reading to him while he played with toys then he started whining because of an OWIE on his toe😱 How did he get it🤷🏽‍♀️ When did he get it🤷🏽‍♀️ How did it happen🤷🏽‍♀️ #16monthsold #babybump #newmom #mommylife #motherhood #mommyhood #babyboy #instagood #picoftheday #goodvibes #familygoals #babyinsta #babyboyfashion #maternity #babyonboard #pregnancystyle #preggofit #growingbaby #newborn #toddler #babyboystyle #parenthood #thankyoujesus #postpartum #16monthold #explorers #breastfed #momofboys #16months #levi

2 days ago

Who played this game when you were a kid? 🤚🏼🤚🏼🤚🏼 Not sure if it’s a #batang90s game but I remember myself in grade school getting so excited whenever I see someone with this toy. Then for a time I got to play it on our desktop PC. . Now I play it with my boys (the Kuyas). And here’s my #16monthold Baby A using the toy for his fine motor skill activity! . Excuse my “Yey” in the video as I couldn’t contain my excitement. 🤭 . He would always get it from the toy shelf and spend some quiet time with it. . WARNING: Don’t let your babies/toddlers play alone with this especially when they are still not over with putting stuff in their mouth. . #threeboysinarow #threeboysinarowph #Fourinarow #finemotorskills #toddlerplay

2 days ago

Our little guy isn’t so little anymore! He turned 16 months old while on our family vacation. Remington continues to increase his vocabulary and some new words for this month include “bye”, “comb”, “okay”, “car”, “cow”, “book” and “paaa” (for paci). His comprehension and accuracy for answering your questions with yes and no and following directions is shocking. Even the therapists that evaluated him were amazed. We began physical therapy..well we had the evaluation, and we have our first session upon our return home, and we have night splints that Remington has been wearing about 1 hour a day..hoping to ramp that time up when we get back home as well. But we want the resort to allow us back so when he fusses, we remove them 😉 Remington traveled amazingly well on his first international trip and even managed 2 4+ hr flights and a 4+ hour layover without any major meltdowns. Hoping our travels home this weekend goes just as well. #16monthold #timesurefliesby #jabberbox #toewalking #lovescheese #remingtonjames

4 days ago

Lots has been going on in our household over past few weeks! Ella started reception 😭 Evie is learning new skills each day. She is now crawling and pulling to stand. And also attempting to say some words! The bond with Ella is getting stronger each day as Evie begins to interact more. We still have countless hospital appointments to go to but she is improving each day and being closely monitored. Swipe to see Evies present of the nurses for being brave for her blood test 🦆 #16monthold #4yearsold #sisters #startingschool #reception #developmentalregression #delayeddevelopment

4 days ago

Trying my best to teach her the balance between taking care of herself and enjoying treats without any guilt. . When you eat healthy most of the time, these treats are so much more enjoyable! And by not saying anything is “bad” or “off limits,” it’s so much easier to eat healthy knowing I can still enjoy the stuff that’s more fun to eat. It’s a lifestyle, not a diet! . And yes, I did bring my pumpkin spice superfood shake to Krispy Kreme with us because I want her to see me actually consuming healthy food, anddd I knew she’d want a few sips 😜 . Happy Friday, everyone! Hope you’re as happy as HJ with a hot & fresh donut! . . . . . . . . . . #donutfriday #16monthold #19weekspreggo #secondtrimester #momsofnashville #momsofinstagram #girlmama #simplymotherhood

4 days ago

Anak bayik yang lagi berusaha keluar rumah,ceritanya lagi d kurung sama mamahnya gak boleh main karna badan nya lagi gak fit.alhamdulillah masih tetep aktif wlupun badan nya lagi kurang sehat Dy tetep usaha bwt manjat tu galon,wlaupun ujung2 nya mamaknya gak tega ngeliat Dy nangis pengen keluar dan setelah kita keluar akhirnya Dy bahagia main dluar🤣sekian cerita malam ini😂 #babysholeha #babygirl #16monthold #kelakuananakbayik @mawanhermawan707

6 days ago

I whipped up some new playdough in my favourite colour combination today. I think having the playdough balled up into smaller bits helped Maisie too. She really enjoyed poking her fingers through it and re-stacking all of it back on the plate I’d used to knead the colours in on. Swipe across to see her in action! . . . . . #teachermum #toddlerplay #playdoughfun #aussiemum #16monthold #learningthroughplay #letthemplay #freeplay #toddleractivity #instamama #stayathomemum #finemotorskills #learnthroughplay #playdough #playactivity

1 week ago

He’s looking less like a baby and more like a little boy 😭

1 week ago

ornery lil’ side-eye from my sweet #16monthold

1 week ago

Wet hair don’t care and some GIRL POWER. Charlie and I wore matching shirts last week and I loved the message they had. (Not to mention, Toy story..Duh) Girls supporting girls. The world needs more of this. Girls are mean, mean to each other and honestly, mean to ourselves. You have so much self worth, but you choose to not see it. I want to change this shit. Stop being a mean girl, to others and YOURSELF. Be proud of you, because you are worth being proud of! . . . #practicingbalance #choosekind #girlpower #MNmama #girlmum #16monthold #findyourstrength #eatmoreplants #wineontap #illhaveanontherglass #healthiertogether #wifeyforlifey #catladytribe

1 week ago

The moment you realize that going out to eat (which is seldom) requires you to order baby his own individual portion (toddlerhood). The mommy in me assist in feeding as much as possible however, he has his ways of showing he want to do it himself (usually with his hands 😬). What a blessing and adventure nurturing a stunningly unique individual with thoughts and feelings and interests of his own! #momlife #motherhood #toddler #16monthold #lunch #mysonshine #BroddyLee #blessed

1 week ago

Tonight was the #CampfiresandCandlelight event @fortvancouvernps. If you’ve never been, it’s perfect for anyone and everyone. I’ve never really been a history buff myself, but there are all sorts of cool knick knacks with so much dated history behind them and I found the people dressed in garb the most interesting. Such interesting people, volunteers nonetheless, that are educated in the era they’re representing. It was really nice to just talk to them. I have to say, today was a pretty rough day for me, if you’ve been following along on my Instagram stories, you might know that yesterday the flooring crew was supposed to come by and make the final repairs to our year and a half repair to our floors from a dishwasher leak. Well without having to go too far into detail, they stripped the floor in the kitchen and dining room and didn’t really have enough material to cover them without reusing old flooring that would likely have to be redone again. Well, making a very lonnng and stressful story short, I have no floors in my kitchen and dining room, an uninstalled dishwasher, a very full garage and a fridge with a water line that doesn’t work at the moment....a team came out to put cardboard down to cover up the exposed subfloor and ran out of material, and basically no end date in sight for the repairs, since the restoration company is going to fight the flooring company. I have a 16 month old that no longer wants to be contained & lovesss to run around and our home is deep into repair...so today, when the hubby suggested to go to our annual event we love to partake in, I’d rather have crawled up into bed and never seen the light of the day again. But after spending this time with my lovebugs and witnessing this glorious sunset, I’m really happy I did. If you’ve made it to bottom of this ridiculously long caption, please send me love and prayers, I really need it right now. ❤️❤️❤️

1 week ago

Today was another successful day! We went out in the morning knowing his poop schedule will be around 10am (KJ usually holds it until he gets home but since he had no BM yesterday I assumed he would go even we are out). Sure enough, he started pushing so I took him to the bathroom. I forgot to bring his toilet cover seat but it was small enough for him to sit! Yay! That was successful number 2 in public toilet! I’m so proud of him. At home, we remind him by telling him’ “go pee pee” he would walk to the little potty and sit down and pee. One time he just sat and peed all by himself. I’m not sure how long does this self motivation last so I have to figure out when he gets tired of it! . . 今日はなんと外出中のウンチがトイレで成功しました!普段は家に帰ってくるまで我慢してるんだけど、昨日行かなかったので、今日は朝に出るなーと分かりながらも外出。途中で踏ん張り出したので、トイレに連れて行って座らせると踏ん張ってウンチでましたー!家では「おしっこ行っておいで」というとおまるまで歩いていって座っておしっこするようになりました😲急にこんなにできるようになって本当にびっくり!飽きたら行かなくなるような気がするので次を考えておかないと。でもこの成長嬉しいすぎる! . . #toilettraining #toilettrainingsuccess #clothdiapers #clothdiapering #16montholdbaby #16monthold #momlife #toddler #poopinginpublic . . #幼児 #布おむつ #布オムツ育児 #トイレトレーニング中 #トイレトレーニング #おむつなし育児 #おむつなし育児の記録 #育児記録 #ママリ #ままのて #ベビフル #アメリカ育児

1 week ago

My baby boy is 16 months old today. I found a picture where he was placed in his toy truck. He was only a little older than a month old. Where did the time go? #16monthold #lovemysonsomuch

1 week ago

It’s funny how a year ago today my memories popped up saying Delilah wouldn’t let me work out for more than 20 min. Guess what she did again today? #trouble #16monthold #workout

1 week ago

Fiona nejer så fint, min mega dygtige prinsesse. - Og stor fremgang i at blive taget ud alene, samt komme ind og få noget lækkert og spise og står fint under striglning og løfte alle hove 😍 Kan kun være stolt af hende efter dagens træning 😍😍 #frisian #horse #training #freedom #frieser #denmark #dk #hest #love #youngster #blackhorse #mylittleone #happines #photooftheday #babyhorse #rider #fff #nature #horsepower #horsestagram #horseback #horsegirl #horsey #horselife #horsephotography #horses #horsesofinstagram #bff #tricks #16monthold

1 week ago

You will always be the miracle that makes my life complete. ✨ I can’t believe my sweet little girl is already 16 month old. The last couple days have been really tough on you with a emergency visit at the hospital, but you are doing so great and have most of the time a smile on your face even if you are not feeling great. Your are such a happy girl, you play so nicely by yourself, you love to eat and are so curious, what is happening around you. You always want to play with the big kids, are super social and your vocabulary is growing (counting ten worlds currently). You are super fun and like a little cheeky monkey. Your sister is everything for you and my heart is exploring to watch you interacting with each other. You are such a blessing for our family and we can’t wait what the next month has in store for you. Mommy loves you my sunshine. . . . #monthlyupdate #16monthold #16months #meinwürmchen #babygirl #mydaughter #family #loveher #dontgrowuptoofast #getwellsoon

2 weeks ago

March 5 2019 vs August 31st 2019 We still have our glass of wine at night, we still go out to eat. We’ve just learned to balance. We get up, work out, and enjoy life. Healthier lifestyles aren’t about diet fads and not allowing yourself to indulge. They are about being knowledgeable about the food you eat, the exercise you do and making the time for yourself that you deserve. . This journey has been 100% easier doing it a long side my hubby. He encourages me, cheers me on, and pushes me to do better. . . . #practicingbalance #practicinggratitude #thebalancedlife #healthiertogether #girlmum #16monthold #MNmama #busymama #wineontap #illhaveanotherglass

2 weeks ago

Man oh man is it so awesome (but so tough) to be able to love two places and the people in each. . Home with a suitcase full of adorable gifts (check out how much HJ loves her new kicks), a belly full of some good family meals, and a heart full of some really sweet memories after one of the nicest weekends spent with family and friends ♥️ . Hoping everyone had a wonderful weekend and can easily count the things you’re grateful for that happened over the past few days! . . . . . . . . . . #homesweethome #travelingwithatoddler #labordayweekend2019 #mommadaughterday #secondtrimesterfun #girlslunch #ladieswholunch #familydinner #littledoglover #thisismotherhood #firsttimegirlmom #16monthold #byebyesummer

2 weeks ago

Throwback to good times in grandpa's garden 🌲☘ My trip has come to an end, until next time #Norway 🇧🇻

2 weeks ago

I cannot believe that you’re already a toddler. I got more time with you than most people get with their babies and it still feels like it’s gone by too soon. Just now you climbed off the bed, looked at me with your big three and a half toothed grin, said, “Bye,” waited for me to say it back, then went to play with his toys. I was proud, but also broken hearted because I knew that was the beginning of many goodbyes leading up to when he grabs his keys, says, “Bye Mom,” and goes out the door. That’ll be the day he no longer needs me. I wish he could stay little forever, but each day he progresses more showing me that’ll never happen. So I’ll just smile at the progress and save the mourning for when that day of independence sadly comes. #BabyBoy #AlwaysMommasBaby #LOML #23weeker #16MonthOld

2 weeks ago

Progress is still progress. No matter how big or small you deem it. When I started my fitness journey in June I started with 2 pound weights. Today I ended with 8, 10 and a rep with 15 pound weights! (and mind you, when I started today’s workout, I had no interest or fire at all. That quickly changed.) 1% is stronger is still stronger. Feeling on FIRE today! 🔥🔥🔥 Next round of our MM100 starts Sept 9th. ⚡️There’s room for you girl! DM me, I’d love to help you start your journey!✨