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20 hours ago

That feeling you get, when you organize your documents...💪 #Throwback to our exhibition "Originale 1946-74" from 1974 where Dieter Roth participated with this work. Everything neatly and in order, just like the didital archive of the Kunstverein in Hamburg which we are constantly expanding. For more informations check our website. #kvhh #tbt #throwbackthursday #dieterroth #digitalarchive

1 day ago

EDITION OF THE WEEK! With the edition Ohne Titel [Untitled], 1993, Gerwald Rockenschaub made reference to his installation in the show Backstage, initiated by Stephan Schmidt-Wulffen on the occasion of the reopening of the Kunstverein in the spaces at Klosterwall in 1993. The situation of contemporary art, the role of the artist and of art mediation were assessed and put up for debate in this exhibition. But it was also about becoming familiar with the new spaces. Rockenschaub built an element of steps in the exhibition space allowing the visitors to look at the four towers ofthe City-Hof outside. Steps led up between the wall and the window façade, which is normally too high, enabling one to take in the context of the Kunstverein. It consists of the main access road to Hamburg and the historically significant structure of the City-Hof, built by Rudolf Klophaus in 1958, one of the few examples of international postwar modernism in Hamburg. In this project, Gerwald Rockenschaub dealt with the spatial and institutional situation which the viewers were to experience by means of a shift. The edition itself, with its penetrating grid structures, metaphorically refers to the social principles that structure all forms of community. Due to the idemolition of the City-Hof, the historical edition has again become relevant to the present, gaining an addition force of expression alongside its existing inherent intention. 👉 Color photograph, 40 x 50 cm, unframed 👉 For more information see our website! #kvhh #editionoftheweek #gerwaldrocjenschaub #cityhof

6 days ago

Sarah Abu Abdallah works with video, painting, text and installation. Her visual worlds are influenced by ever-changing surroundings between her travels and her home in Saudi, the visual data streams of the Internet, and the pop culture in the Gulf area among others. Her works are conducted by a search for a self and a sense of belonging. How does both manifest themselves in public and private space, especially through different framework conditions? Fragmentarily combined text and image material in this investigation refers to the transience of memories and to moments of anxiety in an ever faster spinning world. Visit our current exhibitions "For the First Time in a Long Time"by Sarah Abu Abdallah and "Whose Jizz Is This?" by Peaches over the weekend. We are open from 12-6 pm. #kvhh #newexhibitions #sarahabuabdallah #peaches #happyweekend #comeandsee 📸: Fred Dott

1 week ago

#meetkunstmeilehh : Who wants to spend a day with us in Hamburg to visit multiple museums in Hamburg? @hamburgahoi cordially invites you to explore the Kunstmeile. When: Saturday, August 31, 11 am What: We take a stroll together and visit exhibitions such as the first institutional solo exhibition "Whose Jizz Is This?" by the musician and artist Peaches ( @peachesnisker ) at @kunstvereinhh. She takes a trans-disciplinary and transgressive approach to expanding the format of “the exhibition” by creating a living organism. Conveniently located between the Alster and the Elbe, the Art Mile is the perfect place to take a stroll and discover some new art. The Kunstmeile Hamburg is made up of five renowned art institutions in the center of Hamburg. The @buceriuskunstforum , the @deichtorhallenhamburg with its exhibition halls for contemporary art and photography, the @hamburger.kunsthalle , the Kunstverein in Hamburg and the @mkg.hamburg are all within walking distance of each other along the art mile. Their excellent location is an invitation to visitors to take a stroll of discovery. Together they exhibit an up-to-date, vibrant selection of contemporary and historical art in all media, including painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, applied arts and design. Who wants to join us? Please leave a comment until August 11. Please note that there are only limited seats available for the InstaMeet. Hope to see you soon in Hamburg! #thisaintartschool x #kunstmeilehamburg Credit: Peaches, 2019

3 weeks ago

#TBT to our group exhibition „Gegendarstellungen - Ethik und Ästhetik im Zeitalter von Aids“ in 1992. The exhibition dealt with the everyday presence of AIDS and how it has changed the notions of those affected and those around them: of their own bodies, of sexuality, life and death. One of the artists involved was the collective fierce pussy. Formed in New York City in 1991 through their immersion in AIDS activism during a decade of increasing political mobilization around gay rights, fierce pussy brought lesbian identity and visibility directly into the streets. They are still active today and continue their distinct practice between art and activism in public spaces. Now, it is more important than ever to set an example against exclusion and discrimination and to stand up for a diverse society and social commitment. Join us for the pride parade this Saturday in Hamburg. #kvhh #tbt #throwbackthursday #gegendarstellungen #prideweek #hamburgpride #csdhamburg #fiercepussy #equality #loveislove #beloudbeproud #prideandjoy 📸: Fierce Pussy, 1992

3 weeks ago

EDITION OF THE WEEK! Christoph Blawert’s painting resembles an eclectic outline of art history: surrealism meets pointillism, kitsch compares itself with classical still lifes or landscape painting. His works are permeated by references and symbols, bizarre and humorous figures. Blawert stages ambiguity, vacillating between art and entertainment, attitude and style, and juxtaposing little stories with the big well-known and acknowledged ones. His appropriations result in poetically exaggerated depictions. The three paintings, "Der Gentleman, Obst and Blumen", are unique works that Blawert created exclusively as an edition for the Kunstverein in Hamburg. 👉 Details: Oil on Canvas, 40 × 40 cm 👉 For more informations see our website #kvhh #editionoftheweek #christophblawert #moodoftheday #jahresgabe

3 weeks ago

For Peaches upcoming solo exhibition "Whose Jizz is This?" “Fleshies” have renamed themselves as such to rewrite their narrative, break away from humans and human interactions, do away with words like sex toys and Masturbators in a quest to find sexual equality amongst themselves. But first they need a washing for the opening on August 9th. 💦 #kvhh #peaches #whosejizzisthis #savethedate #openingsoon #fleshietime #fleshiesgonewild #internationalesssommerfestivalkampnagel #kulturstiftungdesbundes

4 weeks ago

EDITION OF THE WEEK! On the occasion of the current heat wave...🔥 The works of Carsten Höller situate themselves on the boundary of art and science. In his exhibition "Glück (Joy)" at Kunstverein in Hamburg in 1996 he utilised aesthetic and medical means alike to create a feeling of happiness for the visitors. His "Schneeflocke (Snowflake)" made of glass makes for a fascinating aesthetic object and a scientific model simultaneously. Snowflake crystals are frequently used as example of natural forms that are difficult to calculate. In 2012/13 the Kunstverein in Hamburg continues the edition from 1996. #kvhh #carstenhoeller #editionoftheweek #jahresgabe #snowflake #cooldown