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13 hours ago

It’s going to be okay. I promise! 😇💖✨💕🙏🏽🖤 And yeah, the Sunset at Disneyland today was pretty great.

13 hours ago

Nightmare before Christmas is my favorite movie ever so you know that Haunted Mansion Holiday is my favorite ride ever! 😍 • • • Which one would you pick? Haunted Mansion or Haunted Mansion Holiday? Let us know!

14 hours ago

There’s cool, then there’s standing on top of a monorail cool! 🚝 ☁️ 🚝 ☁️ 🚝 ☁️ 🚝 ☁️ 🚝 ☁️ 🚝 ☁️ 🚝 ☁️ • Happy #MonorailMonday everybody and ok no, I’m not standing on top of this monorail but I AM standing right above it. This is one of my favorite spots in WDW and I mentioned it about 2 months ago. I was standing on the northwest staircase at the Contemporary resort. From the concourse floor walk outside to the viewing deck and head to the northwest staircase. Walk up a couple of flights and you’ll be directly above the monorail line. It’s a cool view! • While we’re on the topic of views, a bit of a warning for you. This resort offers arguably the best views in Walt Disney World. BUT... many of the “Theme Park View” rooms are just looking out at the parking lots and are totally not worth the extra cash. It can easily be an extra $150 per night for a theme park view and I think that’s practically criminal. • Speaking of criminal... • Fun fact: On November 17, 1973 Richard Nixon gave his “I am not a crook.” speech where? At the Contemporary Resort!

14 hours ago

· 念願のパイレーツサマー行けたし、ランドもシーも満喫出来てよかった👏 · いつもよりゆっくりまわるのもたのしかったねぇ‪‪☺︎‬やっぱ最高! · #disneyland #disneysea #disneyresort #disneycode #disneyphoto #tokyodisneyland #tokyodisneysea #toystory #littlemermaid #パイレーツサマーバトルゲットウェット #パイレーツコーデ #cinderellacastle #pirates #summervacation #summer #過去pic #Instagram #instagood #はなちん

14 hours ago

* 🎃🦇🕸 ハロウィン始まりましたね〜! (もう一週間過ぎてる) みなさんの投稿見て、 早く行きたいとウズウズしてます🙄 . 今年は新作出すのですが 間に合うかどうか、、(笑) 時間に追われています🕰 そして行ける回数も少ないのが悲しい😢 ですが!! みなさんの仮装、バウンド 見られるの楽しみにしています🥰 . . #シンデレラ #シンデレラ城 #ディズニーハロウィン #ディズニーハロウィン2019 #dハロ仮装 #dハロ仮装2019 #dハロ #ディズニープリンセス #ディズニー #disneyland #disney #disneyresort #TDR #TDL #cindy #cinderella #disneygram #disneyphoto #ディズニー写真部 #ディズニーカメラ隊 #ディズニー好きと繋がりたい

15 hours ago

Wowowowowowowowwowo, I AM FINALLY HOME-HOME!!! After weeks of constant horror filled nights and trying to not catch feelings, I’M IN MY FAVORITE PLACE!!!!! 🥺💕💖🙏🏽💕💖🥺🙏🏽💕💕🥺💖💕🙏🏽🥺💖💖🙏🏽💕💖🥺🙏🏽🙏🏽💖💖🥺 I’ve missed you so much Disneyland! It’s a Magical Monday because there’s nothing in the AGENDA TODAY except ENJOY the parks! 🙏🏽🥺💖💖😘😅 Hope y’all are having a GREAT DAY TOO! Be good to yourself and drink your water! ✨✨✨✨

15 hours ago

Not a political post but pointless may be an understatement. If anything, move them to the USA section of Epcot to give that area a fighting chance to be relevant. Change my mind.

15 hours ago

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15 hours ago

They see me rollinnnn they hatinnn 😂

15 hours ago

Carousel in the rain ❤️

15 hours ago

Our favorite special date night spot is definitely Yachtsman Steakhouse at Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club! It’s been a Anniversary tradition for years. What’s your favorite spot? @annieratner are I are always up for trying something new! . . . . #disney #wdw #waltdisneyworld #yachtandbeachclub #disneyworld #walt #disneyresort #disneypic #instadisney #disneygram #disneylife #ilovedisney #disneylifestyle #disneyside #disneyphoto #disneyparks #anniversary #waltdisney #love #instalove #disneylove #disneyland #happy #disneyfamily #disneyig #disneymagic #disneylove #disneyfan #disneycouple

16 hours ago

Epcot's Major Overhaul When you visit Epcot, be prepared for a maze of construction walls. As most people now know, Epcot is about to undergo its largest renovation to date. This renovation is intended to update the park and move it more into alignment with what Walt had envisioned. The current plan is to have construction completed before Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary Celebration in 2021. Follow us @monorailblog click link in the description to see all of our posts #waltdisney #disney #disneyworld #waltdisneyworld #WDW #disneyparks #disneyresort #epcot https://pleasestandclear.com/epcots-major-overhaul/

16 hours ago

We loved Disneyland - the happiest place on earth! Have you wondered what the differences are from Disneyland in Shanghai to the other ones around the globe? Did you know Shanghai has the world’s largest Disney castle, and the first to have ALL Disney’s princess?! That’s a lot of princesses. Shanghai also has the world’s largest Lego flagship store. Make sure to visit treasure cove, which is the first themed attraction from the movie ‘Pirates of the Carribean’. Aside from that, all Disney characters are matched with the Chinese zodiac. Even Duffy! There is a Chinese version of the Lion King musical, and a roller coaster based off of the movie ‘Tron‘. Have you been to Disneyland in Shanghai? Comment down below and let us know what you like the most! 夢幻的上海迪士尼,有人好奇它特別的地方在哪呢?以下就是上海迪士尼的特色們,不得不說亞洲最大的迪士尼真的是超好玩的~快點安排時間來一探究竟吧❤️ 1. 寶藏灣是第一個以電影《神鬼奇航》為主題設計的園區 2. 世界最大的城堡 3. 全世界第一個擁有所有公主城堡的迪士尼樂園 4. 中文版的《獅子王》音樂劇 5. 創極速光輪:獨家雲霄飛車設施,以電影《創,光速戰記》為模板設計 6. 十二朋友園:以十二生肖為主題,將迪士尼明星與十二生肖結合 7. 全球最大樂高旗艦店 8. 十二生肖達菲熊 #worldtravelers #travel #china #shanghai #asia #asiatravel #disneyland #shanghaidisneyland #disneyresort

1 day ago

☀️Disney pool days are the best days! Don’t forget your Koolie from @kingdom_koolies ☀️

2 days ago

・. ・ . . disneyland___❤︎

1 month ago

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DISNEYLAND! 🐭64 never looked so good 🧡✨🏰🌟 @disneyland

9 months ago

cars land is so cute during christmas time 🚗🎄❤️

10 months ago

can’t wait for the xmas wreaths to come back 🎄

10 months ago

tbt to 60th anniversary 🐭

10 months ago

disneyland during xmas time has my heart 🎄❤️

11 months ago

My mood during October 🎃😉