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if you want a change in perspective; just wait awhile, the colors are bound to shift ~ For example heresy the rainbow sparkle, candy floss version of the Sydney Opera House.☺️💖🌈🤗

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White-faced Heron at Cape Woolamai. Fun fact about herons - in Greek Mythology they were considered messengers from the Gods.

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Reflectiooons! How incredible is this? We got up super early to get to Manning Gorge and avoid the crowds and it really paid off. Still feeling so lucky that we got to experience the Gibb River Road and the gems it holds.

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did you miss me while you were looking for yourself out there • If you have followed me for awhile, you might already know that I like to see waterfalls as symbols of change. "A waterfall seems fixed because it is predictable in its turning over and over…but it's never exactly the same as it was.” "Up to 60% of our bodies are made of water. We are meant to be forever turning over, evolving; never stagnant.” • There have been many changes since I took this photo on June 10th 2018. I don’t spend (a lot of) time lamenting nor celebrating them but I do know that I’m just happy x

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💰$16.💰 . Isn’t it funny what $16 can buy? The last $16 I spent in Perth was on two hair clips. 💕💁🏼‍♀️😅 . But up here - in the Kimberley, $16 got us this. 😍♥️🥰 . A 45km hike in the sweltering heat, four baby snakes, 104,948 branches (that we can 100% confirm were in fact not snakes), 200m high gorge walls towering above us, bruised backs from our hiking packs and a night spent sleeping under the stars. ⛺️♥️🌟 . 😘💰What’s your best $16 purchase?💰😘 . . #awaywithcj #nature #stars #thekimberleyaustralia #outdoors #hike #travelgram #australia #justanotherdayinWA . . . #visitbroome #ig_down_under #seeaustralia #discoveraustralia #perthisok #australiagram #wow_australia2019 #ig_australia #couplegoals #ig_discover_australia #amazing_wa #thisiswa #tbt #travel #love #australia_true #westisbest #life_in_wa #justfeatures #ig_bestshotz #beautifuldestinations

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Surrounded by the opponents, the midfielder Arthur shows ability to get rid of the markers

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I do it for the bts grams. 2019.

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We are dedicated to make sure all our dishes are Boom Boom in quality and quantity💥

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A family day trip to the snow had us driving through a Winter wonderland 😍 Who’s been to the snow this Winter? Captured using the Olympus OMD EM5 mkii with 12-40mm f2.8 lens 👍👍

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the giant . . Ten days have come and gone as most days do.. the sky wept for us all.. when you arrived up there.. and with sorrow, the earth still turned.. the fires burned.. and our hearts still yearn for our giant.. @dkphotographyau . . . . . @nikonaustralia nikonaustralia #mynikonlife #giantscauseway #fingalhead #ig_australia #amazing_australia #australia_shotz #mint_shotz #australiagram #australiaslove #great_captures_australia #worldmastershotz_australia #special_shots #jaw_dropping_shots #earth_pix #ausphotomag #earth_shots #splendid_earth #wow_australia2019

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Excited to announce that we’re collaborating with @WildCreativeMedia ! Show your local support and give them a follow 👍🏼 WATCH THIS SPACE 👀 #RhapsodyResort

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Dying to get back to views like this! 🛩 City orbits 😍👌🏻

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The beautiful little village of Berry on the South coast of NSW. See more landscapes of the Illawarra and surrounds @ www.chilby.com.au

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#keeponesmind 내가 호주 멜버른이라는 도시에 있다고 느낄때가 바로 이런 장면들을 마주할때이다. -Flinders Station- sometimes take a photo like cinematic scene.

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I like long walks on the beach 🙃

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Tom Kovac and Michiele Pasca’s superCity Masters studio final reviews. I always enjoy participating in these moments as the visionary ideas developed within these class environments are so important and so relevant when discussing the inevitable evolution of our urban ecology. Thanks @tomkovac for the invitation.

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J Shaw

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Thanks Heavens! What a stunning sunset? Dreams are made of such. Sometimes the sky puts on a show, and the best thing to do is to take a shot.

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Find me where rocks meet the ocean. They're always my favourite places along the Coast. Capes, Headlands, Bays, Cliffs, Promontories, Fjords you name them. There's always an attraction to these formations. You need to be familiar with geography to understand these Coastal landforms.

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Sometimes it's good to take time out by yourself. Time to relax, meditate and contemplate. It's always good when you do it out in nature then you can base your thinking on your observation. It spurs imagination and helps you appreciate life and your existence. The result is always a change on how you perceive yourself and your relationship with the environment in which you live in.