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2 days ago

Nice 2 B here #pasque 😎😉♥️

5 days ago

Hike to ancient seabed - ascending the heights to view ancient depths - stunning views, Jurassic fossils and beautiful wildflower gardens scattered among the rocks...another adventure for guests visiting Red Reflet Ranch.

1 week ago

Кто-то пойдет и не заметит, кто-то решит что это одуванчик-панк, а это, на самом деле, Прострел даурский (Pulsatilla dahurica), один из первоцветов, уже отцвевших к началу июня ... #Россия #комсомольск #природа #первоцвет #прострел #зеленый #зелень #растение #дерево #Russia #komsomolsk #nature #russiannature #pasque #flowers #view #green #plant #fareast #russianviews #knamur27 #instakoms #FarEast_KHV #нашаприрода #природароссии #Russia_pics #natgeoru

2 weeks ago

Riepilogo gioco e numero degli atleti... Più siamo, più possiamo aiutarci, più possibilità abbiamo.. Il Palio è aggregazione, è gruppo; senza quello, non si va' da nessuna parte! Vogliamo provare a vincere?!?? #contradapasque #pasque #palioturate

3 weeks ago

The same kind/art of plant as I published yesterday, just various stages!

3 weeks ago

Pasque prettiness.

4 weeks ago

Summer release is here!! These EXCLUSIVE leggings were inspired by our beloved Glacier Park and were hand painted by @deniseannestudio just for us! Each wildflower, and even the Alpine Butterfly, are native to Glacier and our majestic Rocky Mountains and clear mountain lakes also make an appearance. It was SUCH a honor and joy to work with Denise on this project, she is incredibly talented and truly the ‘real deal.’ This print is very close to my heart, as is Glacier, and I hope you all love it like I do. It comes with two patch color options to suit every outfit. Thanks in advance for all your support! 🌸 #alpinebabyco #glacierpark #glacierwildflowers #fireweed #pasque #aster #alpinebutterfly #organicbaby

4 weeks ago

[Random Fact About Korea] - The Tale of #Grandmother #Flower 👵🥀 - Pulsatilla koreana is a type of pasque flower indigenous to the Korean Peninsula. Its nickname in Korea is “grandmother flower (halmikkot, #할미꽃 )” due to its crooked stem and tufty white hairs on the petals. - #Halmikkot is also part of a sad Korean folktale. A long time ago, a widow had two daughters, the older of which was married to a rich man and the younger to a humble man who lived far away. As time passed, the widow felt old and needed care. - The widow visited her older daughter first since she lived closer by. At first the older daughter greeted her mother and treated her well, but after realizing that the widow would need long-term care, she started to show signs of irritation. Her mother felt uncomfortable, and despite her worsened physical condition, she left to go to her second daughter. Given the cold winter days, snowstorms hindered every step of the widow’s journey to her younger daughter’s home. Her body finally collapsed under the strain and she fell to the ground. - The younger daughter received a letter from her older sister that their mother would be visiting her place. Feeling anxious, she went outside to look for her, but by the time she found her, it was too late. Her mother had died. Deeply lamenting the death of her mother, the younger daughter carried her body and buried it in her front yard. - As spring came, a flower bloomed on the exact spot where the widow was buried, resembling her appearance with small silky white hair and a crooked back. The younger daughter believed that this “grandmother flower” was her mother who had returned. - (Written by Hahm Hee-eun @hehahm ) . . . #randomfactaboutkorea #folktale #koreanfolktale #flowerstory #flowerstagram #pasque #pulsatilla #benicetomom #momiloveu

1 month ago

Got to see my first pasque flowers last weekend with @sodakmoments 🌼