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4-5 years of hiking, airports, subways, sightseeing big cities, band rehearsals, and weekend services in these beat up Cons.

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1929 Joan Miró

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Went to a different planet this weekend 🤷🏻‍♀️ nbd. Have you ever been anywhere completely different than where you’d been before? The Mojave Desert was so strange to me, but it felt absolutely amazing.

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♥️ Waiting for the weekend like.. btw you can never have too much pink 💕 found my new fav mural in wynwood, it has my two favorite colors, red and pink 💗♥️ 🌴 ♥️ yo así esperando el fin de semana 😕... por cierto, mucho color rosa nunca es suficiente 💕 encontré mi nuevo mural favorito en Wynwood, tiene mis dos colores favoritos 🤩 rosa y rojo 💗♥️ ya conoces wynwood? Es el distrito artístico de Miami y sus paredes están llenos de murales para todos los gustos 🤩 también tienen un museo. Estaré subiendo en mis historias videos de nuestra visita 😊. Buen miércoles 💗 #pinkeverything #ihavethisthingwithpink #ilovecolor #pinkpinkpink #morelos #colorsplurge #colorhunters #glitterguide #nayarit #dshappy #colorcrush #coloraddict #Colima #livecolorfully #pinkaddict #thesparklediaries #cornersofmyworld #colorventures #mexicana #pinkflashesofdelight #puebleando #pinkaddict #ilovepink #dailydoseofcolor #colormehappy #pinkwall #visualcrush #thatcolorproject #ilovered #thatcolorproject

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When I saw @jennakutcher post this (a while ago), it immediately resonated with me. When I get overwhelmed or am not satisfied with the progress of something — aka something’s not “perfect” (nothing is on this side of heaven btw) — I have a tendency to just throw in the towel. BUT I love what Jenna says here, don’t quit just rest. For me, that typically means turning off the computer and stepping away to refuel and rest. ⠀ ⠀ Can anyone else relate? Hoping this serves as a great reminder to you - it sure did for me!

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September Glow ✨✨ It’s still SUMMER SALE is on! 35% OFF site wide ⚡️⚡️ code at checkout: SWELL

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I think we had a brief connection ❤️

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EUROTRIP ANYONE? The full itinerary of our 3 month Europe road trip is on the NEW blog! 🚙 🌸☀️ This is literally the trip that changed everything for us - it was when we started @finduslost , when I was still writing travel guides out in emails to friends, and when we got engaged 🥰 So curious, has anyone done a similar eurotrip? Would you do a portion of this one? It’s so easy to pick and choose a week or two from it! Full itinerary linked in my profile 🙌🏼 @finduslostpresets #finduslostpresets

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aaaand, exhale 🌊

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When I say, “painting hardwood floors,” do you go 😳? Or maybe 🤬😭? Or perhaps 🤩🤗🥰? If you’re one of the curious but scared crowd, or one of the couldn’t be more excited or in love with the idea crowd, then you will ♥️♥️ our latest article. If you’re one of the 2nd group...just keep scrolling because this will all make you either very sad, angry or both at me, and that’s not the formula for a good day for either of us, right? Love you anyways though, taste in flooring aside 😉😘. . If you’ve thought about painting your floors but been scared to pull the trigger, or just need an inspirational push, then head to right now because I’m sharing 47 EPIC PAINTED FLOOR ideas! These floors are AMAZING. . I know it’s one of those hold your breath type projects when you slap that first bit of paint on your flooring, so I’m hoping these ideas will give you the courage to whip out that paint roller once and for all if you’ve been on the fence!! If you scroll 📲 you’ll see video clips of our kitchen floors before and during this project! . And if you head to my insta profile, click the link there to head to the blog post! Or copy/paste this link: . . Hit me back with questions! This is one of my fave DIYs ever so I love chatting about it 😊. . Have a great day 🌈🌈🌈❤️❤️ . . #colorismyjam #colorfulhome #brightboldhome #myboldhues #livecolorfully #kitchenrenovation @hgtv #thatcolorproject #abmlifeiscolorful #acolorstory #hgtvhandmade #ihavethisthingwithcolor #kitchendecor @betterhomesandgardens #kitchensofinstagram #kitchenremodel #kitcheninspiration #bhghome #mysouthernliving @southernlivingmag #styleathome #bhg #hgtv #bhgididit @houseandhomemag #bhgstylemaker #cornerofmyhome #houseandhome #howyouhome @styleathome #makeyousmilestyle #mybhg #rshome #sodomino @dominomag

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Si lo tuyo es la #cocina... 👉🏻Personaliza tu delantal 👩🏻‍🍳👨🏼‍🍳 Y si lo tuyo no es cocinar🚫, date una buena excusa para incursionar y sobretodo divertirte ! 😝👩🏼‍🔬👨🏽‍🔬 ¿Con qué estampa te gustaría el tuyo? 🌈💜💋🍉🍒🥨🎨🧩💎 . . #coloraddict #colorventures #happycolors #thatcolorproject #creativelifehappylife #cooking #creativelife #buyhandmade #handmade #handmadelove #shophandmade #emprendedor #mundoemprendedor

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Happy whatever day it may be🙃Made a few changes to the dining area. Found that fab bust over the weekend at my local antique shop. My daughter says she can't eat with him staring at her😂 The scandi style candle holder is from @modrnliving sold online @walmart LOVE! Have a great day lovelies💋 R . . . #liveMoDrn #inmydomaine #vintage #showkateyourvintage #fleamarketstyle #nordicstyle #interior4you #sodomino #apartmenttherapy #bestofhome #eclectichomemix #everydaymadewell #foundforaged #finditstyleit #cornerofmyhome #rockmystylishhome #abmhappylife #dstexture #ggathome #thatcolorproject #thatsdarling #thisiswhyihavetothriftshopeveryday #interior2you #interiormilk #interiorforyou #modernstyle #mixerofstyles

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Скромное обаяние буржуазии...😄

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Our new AW19 collection has some amazing details. Details that make a difference in the quality of our models. Details that make our shoes more comfortable. Without them, none of this would be possible. Behind the Scenes | AW19 #softinos #soft #colour #fun

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Hello, friend! 🐢🌊

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For those of you who own our swallow necklace, this piece might be a familiar sight. We have been toiling with the idea if we should make this swallow into a brooch? :) What do you think? 👍or 👎 Let us know! . . . . . . . . . . #artisanjewelry #beadedjewelryofinstagram #igjewelry #jewelrylovers #jewelrydesigner #artisanmade #shopsmallbusiness #handmadeisbetter #bosswoman #femalepreneur #mycreativebiz #creativecommunity #colorcolourlovers #thatcolorproject #flatlayjournal #styleonmytable #jewelrygifts #summervacation

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WOVEN// Silver Sentimenti Ceramique. Maison Objet. . . . Handcrafted + Edge. Detailed + Ease.

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🌾 WIN 1.2K PAYPAL CASH 🌾 Elliot turns two today and to celebrate we have teamed up with some amazing accounts to give away $1,200 paypal cash to ONE lucky winner! Entering is super easy and will take less than 30 seconds. Simply: • Follow this page and all of the accounts we are following. • Like and save this photo. • Comment below what you would spend $1,200 on if you win. For extra entries: • Share to your stories (tagging @alongcameagiveaway so we see it). • Repost this image to your feed with the hashtag #elliotturnstwogiveaway. May the odds be ever in your favor!! *Competition will close on the 22nd of September at 8:00pm, AEST. *Private accounts welcome but reposts won't be counted. *Prize is in AUD. *This giveaway is in no way endorsed, sponsored or administrated by Instagram. * Winner must be following all accounts that @alongcameagiveaway is following. * Void where prohibited by law.

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A space has become available on this months Introduction to Screen Print workshop. If you would like more information or book on please visit our website - or call into our store, we’re always happy to help 😁

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lazy content

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If you can’t figure out where you stand with someone, it might be time to stop standing and start walking. 🍃

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Naná, hogy a fekete-fehér is lehet izgalmas! A minimalista stílushoz, geometriai formákhoz nagyon illik az őszi Annie Sloan újdonságok legsötétebbike: a 🖤FEKETE🖤. Az Athenian Blackről érdeklődj a hozzád legközelebb eső forgalmazónknál (link a profilban)

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Početak trudnoće većini nije lagano razdoblje. Moj početak i dobar dio cijele prve polovice izgleda ovako. Svaki put se nadam da će me možda mimoići, a također obećajem sama sebi da ću to podnositi poniznije. Nisam dobra u trpljenju. Volim imati kontrolu nad svime. Kada je sve krenulo moja prva pomisao bila je, Bogu hvala da sam napravila generalku stana i da je uredan kako nije bio godinama i kako vjerojatno nikada više neće biti - jer djeca me vrlo rado liječe od OKPa - pa ako mi dođu mama ili Krešina mama, taj dio sam ja riješila. To mi je davalo neki iracionalni osjećaj kontrole u vrijeme kada je postajalo vrlo očito da nemam kontrolu ni nad čim. Prepuštanje kontrole Onome koji ju jedini može imati, prihvaćanje činjenice da svojim snagama ne mogu ništa - kako teško. Ali je oslobađajuće. Shvatiti da sam vrijedna kao osoba i da ta vrijednost nije uvjetovana mojom produktivnošću. Tijekom razdoblja potpune nemoći, moj najveći problem je ogromna usredotočenost na mene. Na to koliko mi je loše i koliko još tjedana treba proći da ovo stane i kako ću ja i uvijek ja... A Bog me nagradio ovom milosti trpljenja. Nije to ludilo. Sigurna sam da se svatko susreo s nekim oblikom patnje. Ako niste, budete. Trpjeti se može dobro, a može i loše. Prošla sam osjećaje ogorčenosti i okrivljavanja svih u svojim tugama i patnjama, i to mi je donijelo samo još veću patnju. Prihvaćanjem teškoća i predajom istih Bogu, one su dobile smisao, a život je postao molitva. Ja sam dobila mir. I ja sam se izgrađivala. Tako i sada, najljepši trenuci ovog razdoblja su bili kada bih si to osvijestila i grleći wc predala sve za naše drage koji se bore s neplodnošću, primarnom ili sekundarnom, koji proljevaju suze za svoju djecu u problemima, koji trpe i mole za ljubav i mir u obitelji. Ako to nikada niste napravili, sjetite se ovoga i napravite idući put. Kako god velika ili mala patnja bila, maknite sebe iz središta i dajte to Isusu za onoga tko vam padne na pamet tada. Izaberite povjerenje. Izaberite predanje. Izaberite mir koji nadilazi razumljivo. Dobit ćete spokoj. 🙏 #IsusehvalaTiislava

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"Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back." ⁠⁠We've all heard of curiosity killing the cat but how many of you were aware of the second part to that phrase? I'll admit, I didn't. But boy am I glad to know said cat lived to see another day! ⁠ ⁠ 🐈⁠ ⁠ But, it got me thinking just how wonderful and fun it is to be curious and perhaps, more importantly, how necessary it is to stay *mindfully* curious. After all, that's where we often find a little something magical hiding....our creativity! ⁠ ⁠ 🌈⁠ ⁠ I'd like to think curiosity and creativity are two sides of the same coin. Curiosity allows us to expand our imagination, see our surroundings in new ways and I really do believe it makes us happier, kinder and more compassionate humans. And that, in turn, opens our minds allowing us to be (and stay!) creative. ⁠ ⁠ Curious, isn't it? 💁🏻⁠ ⁠ So, I've made a little pact with myself to be more actively curious every day and I'd love it if you joined me! ⁠ ⁠ If you're up for it but not sure where to begin, here are my 3 #tips to becoming more mindfully curious:⁠ ⁠ 1️⃣ This is the all-important ⚡️FIRST ⚡️step: set your curiosity intention or affirmation first thing every morning.🌞 It only requires five minutes (at the most) of your time and it's SO important because it identifies your 'why' i.e. why the heck you're doing this anyway when you could be catching a few more zzzz's! ⁠ ⁠ Try this 👉🏼 'curiosity fuels my desire to learn, unlearn & relearn' or make up one of your own. Now jot it down on a post-it or save this post 👆🏼 as a reminder. ⁠ ⁠ 2️⃣ The element of surprise. Curiosity is all about immersing yourself in something new. Maybe even unexpected and seeing what happens. What does that look like for you? Maybe it's taking a beginner's class in Spanish, trying out a new route to your office or starting a new hobby. Give it a go!⁠ ⁠ 3️⃣ ⁠Carry a camera with you and capture things on the go. Observe your surroundings, especially the finer details and collect little snippets that capture your eye. ⁠ ⁠ And that's it! 3 easy tips you can try today! ⁠ ⁠ Tell me what you're doing right now to be more mindfully curious. I'd love to know 💚⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠

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☑️ SARDINE BALL DIVE 🐟 . I'm so completely awe-struck! Diving with millions and millions of sardines is a completely out of the world experience. Was so excited I almost ran out of breath 😁

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Have you heard??? Sammy was in our local newsletter and this is what they wrote... LITTLE FREE LIBRARY IN SECTION 1 If you drive along W. 31st street these days, a little rainbow may catch your eye. It’s Shepherd Forest’s first Little Free Library, in the 900 block of 31st, in front of Sammy Hider’s house. Sammy is a member of Boy Scout Troop 604, and designed and constructed this “lending library” (with help from parents Tom and Angela) to earn his Family Life merit badge. We are very proud of him! ❤️

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Life is busy and so is Meghan Made! This little studio is picking up the pace and taking on amazing jobs and clients. 🥰 If you're in need of some design work, get in touch so we can get you booked in for October.

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Going out in style gives me wings. 😇✌ Giving a shout out to @cityplacedoral again for being such a breeze to walk along and dine in. (My Dad also really liked the area when I showed him around.) So this shot is among 60+ photo prints on my adventures so far this year. Documenting my events in order to catch up before 2020 hits. #cpdwallart #cityplacedoral #doralcityplace #wallmural #wallmurals #celebpink #celebritypink #funkypaint #rampagebrand #wallartwork #colorcolourlovers #travelcolorfully #walltraveled #colorfultravel #dailydoseofcolor #capturingcolor #hellocolor #huntgramcolor #acolorweek #thatcolorproject #justbehue #colorgram #colormehappy #createyourhappy #colorcrush #visualcrush #miamibloggers #miamiblogger #thebloggerunion #floridablogger

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Our sweet girl has been having headaches at school, which has been effecting her testing and work. It has caused so much stress she began having tummy aches. Today we visited the optometrist and she is slightly far sighted. Her dr recommended readers you can get at the drug store because her prescription is so low. I mean, how cute does she look in her new glasses?! Now I feel bad that I didn’t catch all the signs from the start. We’re praying this is the cure for her headaches.

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Truth: I don’t track calories or macros, I don’t have a specific eating window, I don’t know how many steps I take in a day, and a weekend doesn’t go by when I’ve skipped wine. But I do work out hard, I do have at least one rest day a week off exercise, I do monitor my cycle with an app, and I also read ingredient labels on my foods and skincare products like crazy. Wellness doesn’t look the same on everyone, so don’t worry about doing it how the next gal is, just do it how it works best for you! • • • • • #thatsdarling #thehappynow #pursuepretty #flashesofdelight #thatcolorproject #livethelittlethings #colorinspiration #liveauthentic #sfblogger #mindbodygram #momlife #californiawine #winelovers #lifestyleblogger #livebeautifully #chalkboardeats #eatplants #makesmewhole #nutritiousanddelicious #wholesomefood #findingmagic #rockyourbliss #motherhoodinstyle #momentscollected #ohheymama #mymotherhood #legitmomstyle #themodernmama #betterbeauty #fitnessmotivation

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September comes with so many exciting projects. In fact, I just met my coach @cynmu who is helping to write my first book. I can’t believe I am actually at this stage! Will I get published? Who knows? I am enjoying the process and I am doing something I love: telling stories. Actually, today I realized how I was underestimating my adventures. I learned that we all have something interesting to say and we shouldn’t be afraid of speaking out. So: speak out! Find a way to share your own stories! Yes! They are interesting! People do care and the world wants to hear you! 💗 Good night 🌙 #mtlblogger #selfcareday #

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“Michelle Holding Food” a series that will continue in other posts because it happens a lot. Happy National Latinx Month! In this photo: 2 tacos + watermelon aqua fresca 😍 Grateful for my Mexican heritage (and all our delectable food). What’s your favorite Mexican dish? And favorite food at the fair? Check the comments for my answers 🧐🥳 (📸: @themagnificentjess ) #LACF #fairgoespop #lacountyfair #lacountyfair2019 #lafair #fairfood

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Circles are my favorite shape. Some of my favorite things are circular: these earrings, 🍪, 🍩, 🍕(where’s the rest of the pizza). The earrings aren’t edible, but that color combo is delicious!

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I’ve teamed up with my favorite local restaurant Chopshop to give 2 of my followers a $25 gift card each! It takes only seconds to enter, just follow ALL the steps below: . . 1.FOLLOW me: @linds.catherineblog & @originalchopshop 2.LIKE this Post 3. Tag two friends you’d take with you in separate comments. (The more you tag the more entries). BONUS: share this post & tag us in your stories for an extra 2 entries! . . . ENDS: End of day 9/19 . . Please Note: This contest is in no way sponsored, administered or endorsed by Instagram. Inc or any of the companies in the photo. By entering you are confirming you are at least 18 years of age, release Instagram of responsibility, and agree to Instagram’s terms of use! #Chopshopaz #localaz #localeatsaz #azeats #azblogger

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Libretas hoja blanca para que dibujes todo lo que tu imaginación quiera.😊🌈💜 . . . . . 🌈 Únicos dos modelos. 🌈 Piezas disponibles. . . . . . . . 💚💜 Precio por pieza💜💚 . . . . . . . ¡Te van a encantar nuestros productos! 🌈 . . Mándanos mensaje, con gusto atenderemos tu pedido 📦🚚 . Entrega personal en Ciudad de México o envío a cargo del comprador ($60) 🚚 . Efectivo o depósito en efectivo a cuenta bancaria 💵 . . . . ❣️Más información por inbox o WA 🍭⭐️❣️ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Visita nuestra página en FB #linkinbio . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #prettylittlething #thehappynow #thehappyplanner #inspiration #visualcrush #pursuepretty #abmcrafty #abmlifeiscolorful #calledtobecreative #creativityfound #nothingisordinary #thatcolorproject #photosinbetween #peoplescreatives

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Another fabulous evening seeing familiar faces and meeting a few new ones! 💛 So much love for the blogging community, these girls are literally everything 😊🎉 Thanks for organising @thelittlecardiffblog , can't wait until next month now! 🧁

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Finally making myself comfortable in the UK 🇬🇧 catching up with old friends and making new ones 🥰 now it might be time to grab a sketch book and some markers! #reynaartdesign

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TRAVEL PLANNING FOR BUSINESS & FUN • Mañana será día de organizar viajes, billetes, calendarios y mucho planning... por negocios y por placer a Londres un par de veces antes de que acabe el año seguro 😊 y otra escapada, aun a paradero desconocido, con @drektmr para celebrar un año juntos ya casi 🎉 • Tomorrow day to organise travels, plan dates... To London for business and to meet friends 🖖 at least two times before the year ends. Also another small trip somewhere cool and unknown with Denis to celebrate a year together in a couple of months🎉❤️• • • • • • • • • • • • • • #artfinder #artfeatureland #artfollow #businesssuccess #businessowner #entrepreneurgoals #dontquityourdaydream #entrepreneurialmindset #entrepreneurmindset #colorventures #crafttherainbow #thatcolorproject #justbehue #livecolorfully #contentstrategy #creativeagency #creativecontent #contentmarketingtips #creativebusiness #creativebiz #mycreativebiz #mycreativecommunity #exploreeverywhere #exploreeverything #exploretocreate #keepitwild #lifeofadventure #letsgosomewhere #keepexploring #livefolk via

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• blonde & gold rose •

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We celebrated this beauty's 14th birthday last weekend! She's one of the happiest, kindest girls I know, and I'm grateful she had a whole gaggle of friends over who also. • Parenting is tough. I don't talk much about beauty and body image on these public platforms. I know there are many other “more qualified experts”. But as a mom of 2 teenage girls, you can bet it's heavy on my mind and heart. And as a graphic designer who’s totally proficient in Photoshop, you can bet my girls know what that’s all about and that things are rarely what they seem! • I always think Abilene had it right when she said in The Help, "You is kind; you is smart; you is important." 💕

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Being a part of the creative industry can be daunting at times - no boundaries or rules (speaking from one with a mostly Type A personality). Though that daunting can also be exhilarating - having the opportunity to create something new and unique. I never thought I'd be a #creativeentrepreneur (hey, I didn’t even know what that was a couple years ago), but truth be told I think I've always had the bug. ⠀ ⠀ In 4th grade we had to write an autobiography and my “occupation” was as a boutique owner who traveled the world painting the scenery around me. Truth be told I wasn't that far off! Throughout middle school I created jewelry and not too far after that I designed business cards (printed on perforated paper 🤦🏻‍♀️) for my painted tiles. My love for digital design started in high school yearbook as I learned the ins and outs of InDesign creating an award winning yearbook that took us editors to New York to learn more about our craft. ⠀ ⠀ I never expected for this to be my journey, but I'd say it's pretty clear that God's faithful hand has been in it every step of the way. Thank you dear friends, family, art teachers, and yearbook advisors for cheering me on each step of the way!

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may I never lose childlike wonder, appreciation for the smallest of things, the fleeting beats of my best humanity. ✨

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Спорить с другим человеком из-за взглядов на те или иные вещи, по моему мнению, абсолютно бессмысленно. • • Говорить, делать, думать, решать. Все только так, как хочется вам и не мешает другим • • Ещё несколько месяцев назад я бы, возможно, не выложила такое фото, потому что меня бы очень волновали такие вещи как: ой, а что же подумают мои знакомые, что скажет мама (хорошо, что у папы нет инстаграм 😂), что скажут родные. • • Но сейчас, я часто себе представляю картину что мне лет так 85, и я сижу и думаю о том как же много я не сделала просто страдая зависимостью от чужого мнения. • • И сейчас, оглядываясь назад , я 1 раз из 100 жалею что не послушалась чужих советов. (Один из главных - когда мне говорили не стриги и не крась волосы 😂) • • Поэтому вывод такой, принимая решения слушайте себя и только себя. #еще184

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PSA - THE LAST OFFICIAL DAY OF SUMMER ISN’T TIL SEPT 23RD!! ☀️LIVE IT UP and don’t let the internet rush you!! 🌈⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ What’s something you’re excited to do before summer ends? ✨ If you live in PHX like me, you know we’ve still got several months of summer left...I’ll be out here in shorts til November 😂🌵☀️ Where in the world are you reading this post from today?! Is it Summer where you are or already cold there?!

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Finally made it on a solo trip in Colombia, something I value so much! If you are a fellow solo traveler, what do you love about your time alone? If you haven’t yet ventured solo, what is one thing that makes you nervous about it? ✨ ¡Finalmente fui a un viaje sola en Colombia, algo que es muy valioso para mi! Si estés un viajero solo también, que te gusta de estar solo? Si no has viajado solo ya, que es alguna cosa que te hacen un poquito nervioso? #viajosola #explorando #puebliando #goodforthesoul

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Giveaway below! . Retro vegan handmade camera straps @amroidesigns still for sale! I will be at @veganfashionweek this October 14-15th selling them as well! Come by me booth and get one and also you can see some other designs I am working on and will have ready for preorder! Bags, shoes, etc . Want to win a free pass to Vegan Fashion Week? Comment below why you want to win and follow me and @veganfashionweek ! Winner will be announced by Friday! I will be picking 2 winners! xo

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