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There are typically three reasons people talk to an Astrologer: Curiosity, questions about life purpose and questions about love. While you might have strong partnership energy in your natal chart, at this moment, we aren't focused on it at all; the energy we are in now is not particularly supportive of new partnerships. - That being said, the energy we are in IS supportive of preparing ourselves for it IF we want it in the future. Right now, we are working on healing, and making huge changes within ourselves to embody our highest and best energy. And THAT, my friends, is the place we should all strive to partner from. - The key is to master yourself before you merge your life with someone else. Today's opposition (and yes, we've got a LOT of opposition energy in the skies right now) highlights the energy between our emotional freedom and the desire to find our twin soul. When you can dive deep into your own truth and fully own it, you'll be able to show up in the same way for someone else. - I've said it a lot this week, but we have to do the work. There are times when the universe is a bit more willing to give freely, but we are being asked to step up for our desires and claim them now. Self awareness and healing is key for you to have the life you want. Knowing that you are worthy is more than half the battle!

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Every night I hope and pray A dream lover will come my way A girl to hold in my arms And know the magic of her charms 'Cause I want (yeah-yeah, yeah) A girl (yeah-yeah, yeah) To call (yeah-yeah, yeah) My own (yeah-yeah) I want a dream lover So I don't have to dream alone Dream lover, where are you With a love, oh, so true And the hand that I can hold To feel you near as I grow old 'Cause I want (yeah-yeah, yeah) A girl (yeah-yeah, yeah) To call (yeah-yeah, yeah) My own (yeah-yeah, yeah) I want a dream lover So I don't have to dream alone Someday, I don't know how I hope she'll hear my plea Some way, I don't know how She'll bring her love to me Dream lover, until then I'll go to sleep and dream again That's the only thing to do Till all my lover's dreams come true 'Cause I want (yeah-yeah, yeah) A girl (yeah-yeah, yeah) To call (yeah-yeah, yeah) My own (yeah-yeah, yeah) I want a dream lover So I don't have to dream alone Dream lover, until then I'll go to sleep and dream again That's the only thing to do Till all my lover's dreams come true 'Cause I want (yeah-yeah, yeah) A girl (yeah-yeah, yeah) To call (yeah-yeah, yeah) My own (yeah-yeah) I want a dream lover So I don't have to dream alone Please don't make me dream alone I beg you don't make me dream alone No, I don't wanna dream alone #dream #dreamlover #twinflame #twinflames

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Venus – Built by Feadship and delivered in 2012, she has glistened ever since she hit the water. Sadly Steve Jobs never got to see his Apple inspired creation, but she now lives on as a testament to his design ethos. Measuring in at 78 metres, she has adequate space for 12 guests. Clean, simple and elegant are the three words I would describe her with. Designed by Philippe Starck, he has truly captured what an Apple yacht would look like. 📸 Photo Credits to Super Yacht Times. - - - - - #yacht #yachtlife #superyacht #superyachts #sail #sails #sailing #sailinglife #boat #boatlife #ocean #sea #luxury #beachclub #sun #holiday #helicopter #mediterranean #venus #venusyacht #feadship #feadshipyachts #luxuryyatch #yachtluxury #yachtlovers #philippestarckdesign #design #interiordesign #exteriordesign

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Collection: “Gel Sensations”💅🏽. In this collection, you will find my Aloe Vera face gels that deep conditions your skin leaving it incredibly soft, smooth,even, and fresh. Great for all skin types! We have 3 different kind you can pick from; Cucumber Mint Aloe Gel, Turmeric Aloe Gel, and Rose Petal Aloe Gel 💘 You can find the price, recommended usage, descriptions/benefits of these gels by clicking the link on our bio 🥰 #natural #naturalskincare #plantbased #coffeescrub #glowing #venussensations #selflove #selfcareproducts #business #love #venus #astrology #sensation #exfoliating #exfoliate #explore #nochemicalskincare #blackowned #expansion #eyecatching #unisexskincare #routine #regimen #homeade #conceitedface #fresh #smooth

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#Protips for morning use of our Anti-Aging Vitamin C Serum. Check it out below! ‍‍‍‍‍ 1️⃣ Cleanse your skin. Everyday dirt, pollution, lotions, makeup, or other products will hinder maximum absorption. ‍‍‍‍‍‍‍ 2️⃣ Make sure your fingertips are clean before using them to massage in the serum. ‍‍‍‍‍‍‍ 3️⃣ Using the dropper, place a few drops on your clean fingertip. ‍‍‍‍‍‍ 4️⃣ Apply to damp, moist skin as it's several times more permeable than dry skin. ‍‍‍‍‍ 5️⃣ Massage into the skin gently so it penetrates and absorbs well. ‍‍‍‍‍‍‍ 6️⃣ Wait 5 minutes or until skin is fully dry before applying moisturizer or makeup. ‍‍‍‍‍‍ 📷: @mbkoeth , @venuswilliams

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My cosmic companion ✨ ⦁ Lack of response Can be a response But also remember Silence can be Aggression ⦁ ✨ 🎧 @sacredcirclepodcast ⦁ ⦁ ⦁ Saturday, June 15, 2019 Tarot Card of the Day – Seven of Wands reversed, invitation to notice where we are emphasizing competition over collaboration Astrology of the Day – Mercury in Cancer oppose Saturn in Capricorn, invitation to practice self-compassion when feeling frustrated with our ability to process, communicate, and make decisions

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Te gusta la nieve ? Nunca fuiste? Vas siempre ? Probaste hacer snowboard ? Ski ? además del deporte y de los paisajes tenes de todo para hacer! Ya arranca la temporada !!! ☃️🔥🏂⛷🎿🛎💯🆙✨💥😍💃🕺💏👩‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👨‍👧👩‍👦👨‍👦‍👦👨‍👦👩‍👧👭👫👻🙌🏻⚡️🌨❄️ #laslenas #snow #snowboard #ski #music #montañas #marte #venus #jupiter #neptuno #vulcano #minerva #vesta #urano #eros #apolo #elbrasero #ufo #amigos #fotos #comida #deporte #paisaje #destinos #abrigos #gorros #

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Collection: “Scrub Sensations”💅🏽 In this collection you will find exfoliating sugar scrubs! These products are great for all skin types! Our formulas will leave your skin feeling incredibly soft and will improve unwanted skin conditions. This collection includes: Citrus Basil Mint Scrub, Mint Green Tea Scrub, Body Glow Scrub, Vanilla Mocha Coffee Scrub, Lavendar Honey Scrub, Sweet Orange Tumeric Scrub ,and Grapefruit Pink Himalayan Scrub🌱 click the link in the bio to find out pricing, how to use, descriptions, and product benefits‼️ #natural #naturalskincare #plantbased #coffeescrub #glowing #venussensations #selflove #selfcareproducts #business #love #venus #astrology #sensation #exfoliating #exfoliate #explore #nochemicalskincare #blackowned #expansion #eyecatching #unisexskincare #routine #regimen #homeade #conceitedface #fresh #smooth

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إذا كنتِ بتحبي لون معين 💄💓 بس حاسة أنو هالدرجة منو ما لح تلبقلك 🤦🏻‍♀ ف فينوس المكان الوحيد يلي بتقدري فيه تجربي اللون على شفايفك وتعدلي عليه كيف ما بدك 💋 لحتى توصلي بالأخير للدرجة يلي تناسبك تماماً 👌🏻 وتعطيكي شعور الثقة بالنفس 😌👸🏻 اتصلي فينا لأي استفسار 📞 0930707962 عنوان الشركة 🏢 دمشق - شارع الحمراء - داخل مول لاميرادا - الطابق الارضي #Be_Your_Own 👑 #VENUS_SY #VENUS #COSMETICS #SYRIA #LIPSTICK #COLORS #LIP #PERFECT

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LECHE DE ALMENDRAS🥛 ALMOND BREZZE SIN AZUCAR. LECHE DE ALMENDRA🥛Y COCO🥥 ALMOND BREZZE SIN AZUCAR. SOLO 30 y 40 CALORIAS POR SERVICIO. Hecho de almendras reales y coco. Libre de: lácteos, soja, lactosa, colesterol, maní, caseína, gluten, huevos y MSG. Todo natural con vitaminas y minerales añadidos. Una excelente fuente de calcio, vitamina D y E. Utilícela en sus recetas favoritas. No contiene edulcorantes añadidos. Una deliciosa mezcla de almendras y leche de coco. Los cultivadores de almendras Blue Diamond son conocidos por cultivar algunas de las almendras más finas del mundo en los huertos de California. Nadie conoce mejor las nueces de los árboles que Blue Diamond. Nuestras almendras se mezclan cuidadosamente con el coco para producir una bebida no láctea rica y cremosa. Hecho en una instalación libre de maní. Esta mezcla de almendra y leche de coco está hecha de almendras que no fueron diseñadas genéticamente. Informacion: 📲0414-7323310 #Ogx #Loreal #Biooil #Dove #Venus #HerbalEssences #Dermisa #Vaselina #Adidas #Splenda #NaturesBounty #Vitafusion #Hersheys #Nutella #Jif #AuntJemima #m &m #Skippy #Smuckers #olay

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Venus for Ryan. (Even though I couldn’t use my Jedi mind tricks to add flames) (next time) 🔥🔥🔥🔥 #auburnal #romanstatues #venus

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La Venus de Milo es una conocida obra helenística rodeada de historias, pero me resulta curiosa la de la segunda Guerra Mundial. El Museo del Louvre tomó medidas para que durante la ocupación nazi, las obras maestras se quedasen a salvo. Muchas de las obras como "La Gioconda" o la "Victoria de Samotracia" abandonaron su residencia hacia lugares seguros y se mantuvieron años escondidas. Pero la Venus de Milo fue embalada y escondida en los sótanos del Castillo de Valençay. Pero obviamente... se le echaría de menos cuando los nazis llegaran ¿no? Pues fue sustituida por una RÉPLICA EN YESO. ¿Qué ocurrió? Los alemanes estuvieron admirando durante cuatro años a la burda falsificación. Cuando el Louvre volvió a la normalidad en 1947 la Venus de Milo, volvió a su lugar recuperando el honor que le pertenece. #Venus #Nazis #Louvre #Falsificación #Gioconda #Robo #Seguridad #2GuerraMundial #GM

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Hi all, it's Vera. I just drew these cards for #mars trining #neptune as we approach this #sagittariusfullmoon . We are called to move actively toward our dreams, to take actions toward them even if these actions, this each next step feels small, or even feels like the inaction of a sort of allowance, receptivity, or rest. Back on November 9 on youtube I spoke about the #divinefeminineenergy and #receptivity as #agency in these times of the #rebirth of #venus . what I'm feeling right now is a deep suggestion to reconsider how we think of #mooncycles . in the fullness is also newness as in the weeks and hours prior to a physical birth. if you are sore and tired from such intense periods of growth and intervals of pressure, go deep into rest and receptivity, even if it is just in moments...these are spaces in which deep reservoirs -- like hidden lakes of dreams and soul -- deep reservoirs of love hold you and support you ... self love, hidden love, the love of your true companions and the love that pours through all of our veins as the starlit source flow. 🌟 continues in comments 🌕 #tarotgram #dailyenergyread #tarotcommunity #tarotreadersofinstagram

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2019's Second Jupiter Square Neptune Oh Snap! It's back.  2019's second Jupiter square to Neptune is exact on Sunday, and the skies have changed quite a bit since their first standoff back in January.  At that time a Capricorn stellium put the cosmic focus on goals, hard work and achievement.  So January's Jupiter Neptune run-in was pointing out where excesses and escapism are undermining our ability to accomplish what we set out to.  This time, we are in the midst of a barrage of mutable squares, including several of the extra intensive t-squares.  This context gives greater resonance to the larger square and it will extend the range of its reverberations.  That's because the moon, Sun, Mercury and Venus are making the same challenging angles as the bigger planets are and they are doing it over a prolonged period, one that stretches from late May through late June. Squares tend to force issues to a head, and mutable signs are all about release and change.  They clear out what is no longer helpful in order to prepare us for what is incoming (cardinal beginnings). So at this time we may be coming to terms with a loss, finding it necessary to let go of someone or something significant or being forced to make dramatic changes.  Now that we're reaching both midyear and our second Jupiter square to Neptune, looking back to January's New Year's resolutions may be instructive.  Are we on track?  What isn't working any longer?  What adjustments are we willing to make to stay on course?  What are we still deeply committed to?  The final battle between these two powerful planets takes place in September.  So we'll have one more opportunity to rededicate ourselves to our 2019 intentions.  For now, Jupiter and Neptune are checking in.  These two very spiritual, big picture perspective planets can clarify current priorities in the wider conte #angels #astrology #astrology2019 #astrologycharts #elizabethsoracle #elizabethpendleton #jupiterneptunesquare #gemini #lightwork #lightworker #marsincancer #mutabletsquares #mutabletsquares2019 #neptune #northnode #psychicreader #psychicreading #Sagittariusfullmoon #saturnneptunesextile #venus #venusingemini

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Interessante como ignoramos o que paira sobre nossas cabeças, e como a mídia não cumpre seu papel de informar, mesmo porque é um assunto nada interessante ao povo em geral, e algo tão presente como a corrida espacial, assim como o perigo iminente por causa da conquista e domínio do espaço, e claro o domínio de armas bélicas, o domínio de uma tecnologia futurista, que levará uma nação a ter um poder de destruição descomunal. Cada dia mais as nações demarcam o espaço para exploração, e com isso geram o lixo espacial. O Lixo Espacial é uma realidade, e em breve o homem sofrerá as consequências de seus atos, como têm sentido, todo o ecossistema entrando em colapso. 💜 JFelix 🐈 #ventossolares #astrosol #astro #astronomia #fotons #eletrons #cosmologia #saturno #marte #venus #lua #mecanicaquantica #tempestade #tempestadesderaios #trovoes #raios #tempestadederaios

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Did you know that Pluto is smaller than the US mainland? Well it is in 2D anyways . - The US is between 2600 miles (4180 km) and 2900 miles (4670 km) wide depending on what costal points you pick🗺. - Pluto has a diameter of only 1700 miles (2737 km) making Pluto appear smaller than the US by a decent margin🌚. - When it comes to actual surface area though Pluto by far takes the win, and is actually a lot closer to Russia's size🇷🇺. - Russia has a Land Area of approximately 17 million square kilometers and Pluto's Land Area is slightly larger at 17.6 million square kilometers🔥. - Comment your thoughts or any information you might have to add to the topic below 📥!

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Werbung . . nightflight to venus. who's joining? 🌍🚀 . Do you like my bomberjacket? . . . #nasa #rayban #bearded

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an extra kit kat and a lil sumn for the ear wax. all of the necessities for a yung lil witch, half fag bitch leaving all that no longer serves or deserves him behind. okurt the house down bootz.

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Venus de Laussel es la protagonista de la tarde. Esculpida en relieve sobre roca caliza hace unos 25.000 años, se halla plasmada desde una perspectiva frontal, desnuda y sostiene un cuerno de bisonte con su mano derecha. Como es habitual en las representaciones de este tipo, la cabeza aparece tan solo esbozada mirando al cuerno mientras el resto del cuerpo presenta una exageración respecto a sus caracteres genéricos. Se cree que fue tallada como elemento central de un santuario relacionado con ritos de fecundidad. @aslan_artesania #Venus #Diosa #Laussel #Historia #Arqueología #Santander #Cantabria #CreenciasMágicas #DiosaMadre #Misterio #Chinachikuka

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Blue Red Or Black Strapless Cutout Front Waist Wide Bell Pant Jumpsuit S-XL

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E poi la vita ha cominciato a scorrere veloce e mi sembrava di non avere più il tempo di fermarmi per la strada a riflettere su ciò che vedevo e sui cui poi immaginavo e fantasticavo, su quei sapori, quegli odori quei profumi. Era l’ora di mangiare adesso, di abbuffarsi di vita, quanta più se ne potesse. Mi mancava quel mondo che avevo creato per viverci, che era fatto di me e di cui io ero fatto. Ma non pome ne curavo, sapevo che un giorno avrei avuto di nuovo il tempo di tornarci. . . . . . #streetphotography #photography #bnw #street #rap #blackwoman #travel #art #photo #blackisblack #bw #blackandwhite #photographer #streetstyle #picoftheday #streetart #life #love #streetphoto #raa #travelphotography #venus #urban #architecture #portrait #canon #romabella #blackandwhitephotography #venerdi #guccybranchcaptionchallenge

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I think you're too loyal💫 #Venus ruler of Libra and love 💞