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1 day ago

💧Water and stuff💧 "The key to taking shots like this is to drop the water drops from the same point, so that you can manually focus the camera at the point of impact." - @mattweddis

4 days ago

#TAKEOVER "Most people look at a flower and think ‘pretty flower’. Few look at the flower and admire how it sparkles in the light, flows in the wind. @warrenkeelan is one of these few. It’s hard not to be touched by Keelan’s beautiful work. His sense of composition, ever-changing forms, and lighting are truly exceptional. Bringing out vulnerability, rawness, softness and immense beauty in waves and nature. I gravitated towards this image as a favourite by him. It shows softness in waves rarely captured only felt." - @charlottephio , our guest curator this week

5 days ago

#TAKEOVER "My love affair with photographer Eugene Tan @Aquabumps blossomed at first sight. I still get goosebumps from his ability to capture light, surf, joy, nature…all the things I love in one frame. He is a photographing storytelling genius, and my biggest visual artist role model and inspiration. He has also turned his passion of photography into a massive successful business with his amazing wife Debbie Tan. They are a dream team and two of the nicest, positive, humble, hardworking and talented humans I know. It’s one thing to be a great photographer. But to be able to then sell your prints around the world successfully and have over 40,000 subscribers to a daily newsletter is magnificent. What a team. In my photographs if I’m able to capture natural beauty even close to as good as Aquabumps, I would feel as photographer fulfilled. Uge is constantly seeking unique angles for his morning images, whether it’s shooting from underwater, in helicopters, or from a cliff in Bondi. So to choose a favourite image by him is incredibly tough. Send for help! One Image that did inspire me to photograph outside of my comfort zone, was his ballet underwater photograph ‘Leap’ . It’s so important as a photographer to continue to challenge yourself. And this shows another whole graceful side to Eugene’s gift of photography. Truly exquisite." - @charlottepiho , our guest curator this week.

6 days ago

#TAKEOVER "These are two of my favourite photographs. I’ve been swimming with turtles my entire life, and since taking these images tried to recapture them. I’m yet to see this behaviour again. The first image shows what appears to be a turtle hugging itself. I remember the turtle pausing amidst flight, bringing down its arms and fins. Surrending to any fear to swim away and just looking at me. To get this shot, I kept my buoyancy stationary, focused on the turtles eye and shot upwards. With the sun behind me, the natural light was able to eliminate the turtle. The second image I’ve named ‘Praying turtle’. Instead of shooting upwards, I photographed just under the surface downward. Photographing on a downwards angle from the surface, prevents any reflection and brings out the turtle’s natural colours. The praying turtle is another beautiful anomaly. 🐢 It’s these moments of connection, beauty beyond words that stay with me and inspire me to get out of bed and into the ocean every day." 📸 - @charlottepiho , our guest curator this week Shot on a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV and EF 35mm f/1.4L II USM Lens @aquatech_imagingsolutions housing

1 week ago

#TAKEOVER ‘Success, like happiness, cannot be pursued; it must ensue.’ "If I’d chased money, a life in concrete walls, rather then doing what makes me happy, I would have never experienced the moments of pure joy and fulfilment that I have. The exponential growth of my award winning SUPyoga wellbeing retreats was due to photography. Through photos I was able with the surge of social media, to market my retreats internationally. Share moments of magic to entice others to want to experience the beauty they saw in my photos. This sequence of photos shares my beautiful daily world of hosting retreats. I love that I’m able to capture my guests looking so happy and healthy." - @charlottepiho , our guest curator this week Shot on a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV and EF 35mm f/1.4L II USM Lens @aquatech_imagingsolutions housing

1 week ago

#TAKEOVER "I’ve always been drawn off the beaten path; looking to explore places untouched and photograph subjects and places never before seen. As my passion for photography blossomed, documenting my daily adventures with friends was a natural progression. None of this series of photos was orchestrated. The beautiful souls pictured are not models but epic humans living life to the fullest. Capturing moments of magic only comes from the unexpected. I always like to shoot with natural light. Essential to always have the sun behind you and to shoot under the subject with the light illuminating their beauty. Wearing a weightbelt will allow you to photograph under the subject with ease. I never photograph underwater without one." - @charlottepiho , our guest curator this week Shot on a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV and EF 35mm f/1.4L II USM Lens @aquatech_imagingsolutions housing

1 week ago

#TAKEOVER ‘Persistence, patience and love pays off’ "I’ve always had a special connection with turtles. My whole family has. My dad takes people on turtle tours everyday. Photographing turtles…any animal, is just like photographing people. If someone runs up to you with a camera and starts clicking away at your face, you will naturally be anything but natural, and run away. I always approach turtles or any subject slowly. Let them adjust to my presence. If they shy away and race off, don’t chase them. It’s like picking a flower. If it doesn’t come off naturally don’t fight it, let it be. This series of photographs mean so much to me. I have a special connection with each turtle photographed. Names for them. Before clicking the shutter I always take time to give them love, appreciate their beauty, vulnerability, connect with them. Somewhat ask them for their permission to be photographed. Tips for other underwater photographers is not to rush. Get close to the subject, to eliminate backscatter and increase contrast. Always ensure the sun is behind your back, to bring out the turtles natural colours. Best time to photograph turtles or any marine life is early mornings. They will be waking up and most playful, and wanting to come up for a breath. Position yourself under them and shoot upwards focusing on the turtles eyes. Make sure your shutter is on silent – from my experience with turtles they definitely can hear the shutter go off and it does disrupt their natural behaviour. Move slowly. Enjoy the journey to each magical moment captured. Give an animal love and it will give it back to you." - @charlottepiho , our guest curator this week. Shot on a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV and EF 35mm f/1.4L II USM Lens @aquatech_imagingsolutions housing

1 week ago

#TAKEOVER ‘Whatever you do. Do it with all your heart’ Charlotte Piho here; incredibly humbled that photographing - doing what I love more then anything, has me taking over Canon’s feed this week. Woohoo! Eight years ago after nearly dying, I left my secure corporate life in finance to pursue what made my heart smile. I’ve gone on to surf big waves, host now award-winning wellbeing retreats and photographing intimate moments mainly of turtles under the waves. This first sequence of images changed my life. Diving deep into nothing but darkness, I swam into a school of eagle rays. Despite having little left in the tank – I physically, mentally and technically pushed myself to the limits. Surrendering, letting go of all fear, I was able to capture the magic. Behind all my photographs is immense passion, perseverance and love. I want nothing more then to give each moment I capture justice – to tell the entire story in one frame. These photos were shot deep in eerie water with little light. This meant I had to get as close as I could to the rays, and ensure before I began my descent that the sun was behind me. I needed any light coming through to hit their faces. My top piece of advice for all aspiring photographers is to get out there. Live…breathe it all in. Don’t plan trips to photograph what others already have, get off the beaten track. Magic happens from surrendering to the present moment…from the unexpected. - @charlottepiho - our guest curator this week. Shot on a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV and EF 35mm f/1.4L II USM Lens ISO 100 | f/2.8 | 1/60s

1 week ago

400 frames from the final pass to the moment of celebration. “As soon as I saw that final pass, I knew the @nswrl1908 were going to go all the way and that this was the image. That moment of celebration almost froze in time through my viewfinder and even though I’d taken hundreds of photos, I knew exactly the one to go back and find. My advice in sports photography is to expect the unexpected. Always have an open mind about what could happen because a game never goes how you’d planned it in your head.” - @philhillyard Shot on a Canon EOS-1D X Mark II and EF 24-70mm Lens ISO 4000 | f/2.8 | 1/1600s

1 week ago

“Meet Bowie. He’s our 3-year old Cavoodle chasing waves and surfing around Australia. Unlike other dogs, Bowie doesn’t just wait on the beach while we surf. This thrill seeker is bent on being out in the water, catching his own waves. Learning to surf from a young age, this so called ‘lap dog’ had a natural connection with the ocean and a strong desire to get out on a surfboard. Whether he’s sharing waves with us or embracing a solo ride to the shore, you can almost guarantee confused onlookers will stop and watch with excitement. We felt inspired to try something new and showcase the story of Bowie’s surfing life through videography, and for the first time we’ve been able to truly capture his experiences in the water and the positive impact he has on the people around him. It’s a chance to share his story with the world, one wave at a time.” - @saltytravellers Gear Borrowed on @kyoyuaustralia EOS 5D Mark IV EF 70-300mm 1:4-5.6 L IS USM EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM

1 week ago

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2 weeks ago

“Persistence pays off! It took me 9 days of getting in the water for sunset to dusk to finally capture this image some days there were no sharks some days there wasn’t much of a sunset but on this day everything came together for me. If you have something you want to capture then just keep at it until you achieve your goal.” - @zachparkerimages Shot on a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV and Canon 16-35mm f2.8L